Pictures by Natzuka.

All the pictures need to be scheduled by appointment in advance through notecard. Please send NC with your availability and what items you are seeking – sizes, quantity, type of shoot, purpose and deadlines. Please allow a minimum of one week for editing of photos after the shoot and before delivery.

Payments: Photo payments are due and payable to Natzuka Miliandrovic upon delivery of the completed photo.

– Portrait/Full body or 3/4 (one avatar) : 5000 L$ per photo (2500 L$ deposit before photo session)
– for couple or group picture the price will be increased of 500L$ for each avatar added.

– 12000 L$ per photo (6000 L$ deposit before photo session)
The delivery of these pictures will be done ONLY by email.

– SIZES : If you need a specific size for the picture, please tell me before the session is started,
otherwise I will arrange the size that works better with the picture.



– the use of one of my pictures to advertise your products/agency/shows or in any kind of commercial purpose without having specifically stated and approved before the photo session, will end with a DMCA of ALL the parties involved.
– Removing/Cropping/Editing my signature from a picture will be considered copyright infringement and theft and it will be reported in all the appropriate offices SL and RL.
– no discounts etc etc ;)