Distribution Rights Upon Editing Only.

Please fill the form below what items you are seeking – sizes, quantity, purpose and deadlines. Please allow a minimum of one week for editing of photos before delivery.

Payments: Photo payments are due and payable to Natzuka Miliandrovic upon delivery of the completed photo.

Clients will take a raw, unedited photo and send it to natzukaphotography[at]gmail.com.  I will work on the photo by editing and altering the raw photo into a creative masterpiece.  After I’ve finished the work, the Client must have payed, full prices, for the rights to redistribute the photo to receive the photo.

1. Clients may NOT alter or change the photo after Natzuka has finished editing the photo
2. Clients may reblog, redistribute, and/or reproduce this edited photo after Natzuka has finished editing the photo
3. Clients are paying ONLY for the rights of the photos, not the editing of the photo.
4. Pictures that don’t meet enough quality to be edited will be discarded.**
** Picture must be at least 3000 px widht x 1746 px height (resolution 100 pixels/inch)



Cost of this service for private Clients is 1500 L$.

Cost of this service for commercial purpose is 2500 L$.


thank you for your preference,