A diary page

This blog has been quiet for a long time, so long that all the feeds that I subscribed removed me.
Full respect to those feeds owners because now I have one proof more that all my Lybra and Event@1st bloggers that are included in those are hard workers that never skip a beat :)

I’ve been busy yes….and doing what?
Many things actually and I will try to update you with out being boring.

Lybra™ is moving forward to a new era, by now it is more than one year that I am working to improve my mesh and I am finally where I wanted to be : one size that fits everybody with a manual weighing of every body collision, with an eye on fitting the so loved mesh bodies, our last roman gown and corina fits correctly maitreya mesh body, sure it is experimental and not perfect, I don’t claim any genial finding but I keep trying because there is not really a limit that you can reach when you aim to deliver something worthy.

Event@1st is moving and growing and claiming a life of its own, the last round with the Anime theme made everybody enthusiastic and we will keep going with an assigned theme to make it funnier, for august it will be in vacation to come back in september with a quarterly formula.
I will add new bloggers so in case you are wandering around ready to show your talent to the world, you have just to apply :)

The sim is fully rebuilded and functional now, we have shops for rent  and I am working on a new project with a little group of original mesh and slocca designers but it is really too early to anticipate details about this ;)

And what else?

The Rue website is now completed with everything we are offering on the sim and the old Rue blog is gone to welcome Rue News a feed with all the announcements about the sim.

The website will be the only resource where you will be able to find Event applications, Lybra news and Rue advertisments.

And as last note, I want to tank all our costumers, followers and supporters, you are the one and only reason that makes all this hard work worthy.

And now you could even been nice and take a look at the website :P RUESL


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