You know when you start working on something and keep working and working to have it always better?
Educated people says that this is what happen to writers when they are working on their favorite books, so for an extension I would say that happens to every project that we love.
This is the case of Event@1st, my very first monthly event thingy that is developing very fast and it is having attention and responses beyond the expectations.

I restyled the venue and located in an area completely dedicated to the designers to deliver a shopping experience fully focused on them.

I am happy cause through the designers and bloggers applications process I am meeting awesome people, with many talents and creativity.
We started May 1st, this late afternoon I will open the June round and all the creations are great, the official new landmark and the diclosure of all the partecipants will be done in a few hours after everybody rezzed.

Bookmark the event fb page (and like it!) and get ready to tp there at the official opening
see you there <3

**In the picture a preview of the new location


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