Riri : Through your eyes I learnt to love myself.


This dress has my name : Nat and the creator is Riri Ninni of Hmaem.
She spent countless hours making it and being worried that it wouldn’t represent my personality enough.
And how can you write down feelings that let you speechless?
I don’t know.
But I can try to tell you who is Riri to me, she grew up in the same province where I did, we share the same fears, belief  and education, we share something that cannot be explained.

She is home not matter from where I log in when I am second life.
She is the true friend that knows that the best wisdom advice is just being there not just saying it.
She is the laugh that I need when I am down and the reality shower when my head is in the clouds.
She is my friend and she is never tired of it.

She is Riri.

And I really wish for you to have a friend like her in your life.


credits :
Hmaem Nat for Event@1st by Riri Ninni
LeLutka Mesh Head KARIN by Jaden Art at lelutka mainstore details here


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