Astralia : 100% Original

ASTRALIA : Calla Hat vendor

As advertised weeks ago I am working on my own event, Event@1st.

I like to write and I always look for an excuse for it, through the event I’ve met and I am meeting the incredible people behind the brands label and I couldn’t resist to start a series of posts about them.
Astralia is an incredible talent and she has that rare magic that makes her capable of everything : when she model she is the best, when she hides behind the camera she one the most talented photographer that second life have seen in these last years and all of this is just an accessory of a thoughtful and delicate soul.

She chose Event@1st to debut as content creator and I am immensly grateful, because again, no matter in what project she working on, the result is exceptional like in the picture that you see above.

I asked her to write for me a couple of lines to let everybody know a little more about her.

1. How do you describe yourself in two lines?
Weird. I think it’s the best word to describe myself. I’m very creative and I love to be on my own, even if i have some special close friends i often spend time with.

2. What inpires you when you create?
Rl trends and music. I always listen to music when i’m on blender or photoshop.
The creations are a lot based on how i feel while i create, this really characterizes my items.

3. The quote that better describes you :
A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

Calla Hat by Astralia is avalaible here .


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