When I created Event@1st I wanted a second life event that could have been enjoyable for designers and shoppers at the same time.

Where did I start?
From my experience and I recalled the frightening feeling when I am invited to participate in a shopping event and I am asked only exclusives : one, two…three items when I am also working at my regular store releases could represent a source of concern.
And I also have many pieces that I like in my store that somehow fall behind cause the attention draw by many events, steal the spotlight from them.

And I don’t want to be cut out.

Here is where Event@1st is different :
Every one of your creations represent an important value for you, so they are for me and this is why along with exclusive items you can choose to create a special offer about an item that is already in your store and deserve the same attention of the new ones.

As you see, participating is easy.
And the sign up process is simple and clean through website, all the rules are flat down in a clean public page and there is no secret in how the designer participation is regulated : you like the rules, you sign up, you will be contacted back.
Click here to read the rules and sign up.

And what does it make interesting for shoppers?
The chance of having exclusive items or their favorite pieces with a shameless large discount and being interactive with Event@1st team suggesting the kind of items you would prefer to find at the venue.

And if you red my post about blogging and you are looking for a chance to express your talent here are the blogger application links.

Event@1st official page.


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