Turning in a blogger application and do not being considered/accepted is frustrating and disappointing, and this can lead to several different conclusions, which most of the times end with you having a negative opinion about your skills.

Your are worthy.
And this is a fact.

So what goes wrong?

Lets go through together what from my own personal experience are the most common issues about bloggers applications, and remember that not being accepted is not a life or death problem, the window that closes today opens a door tomorrow ;)

1. Blank Applications.
It happens to best of us to fill a google form and go for a coffee and forget to send it in, or to fill a notecard and forget to save it before close it.
– In the first case, if you are not sure or you don’t remember to click the apply button, what you can do is to fill it again, the worse that can happen is that in the output file your name appears twice and be sure that is not bother at all for who receive it.
– In the second case just check the notecard you sent and if you discover it totally blank, fill it again when you can focus a little bit more and add an (update) on its name or specify in the very first lines to please discard the previous version.

2.Rude Answers
And yes this happens and it is totally unintentional.
If for example one of the questions of the application is “mention your previous experience”
answering with “see my picks” leave the reader kind of speechless.
If they only need to check your picks, do it yourself and do a copy/paste on the application. It is a matter of 10 seconds for you but it save lot of time to who in charge of the selection process. Imagine receiving 100 bloggers applications and having to check manually the picks of everybody and you will get the idea.

3.About yourself
When you describe yourself don’t be too humble or criptic, just be yourself, if you are a fashion queen or a geek you are fine the way you are, you don’t have to shape yourself for fill a job, for sure not in second life, so feel free to express yourself, nobody is alike somebody else, make your originality your point of strenght.

4.Photography skills
Not everybody is a photoshop wizard, but in blogging I would say that it is not the number one priority being a genius in SL photography.
For sure if you have skills in this sense it will help you, but if you don’t feel very confident about that remember that blogging it has a lot to do with reliability, punctuality and communication and if you are asked to introduce yourself, that’s where you can point out your strenght in these fields.

5.What do the managment of the brand see on your blog
Applying for blogging a brand and do not having ANYTHING on your blog about them, appears sort of strange. You love the brand and you made it clear in your application, you are an enthusiastic blogger, you are ready to go… but you don’t have anything of said brand on your blog not even uncredited.
This could kill the best application ever, cause it comes across more or less : “I like your stuff only when it’s free” and since you are far to feel like this towards your favorite brand, just make it clear.
If in your blog you have only items sponsored or provided because of your policy, just say it and it will whipe away any doubt.

With an application and a blog that reflect you at your best, it will impossible for any brand to resist you.

And if after all your best efforts you are not chosen, do not give up in what you love to do, I have a personal long history in SL for not fitting in anywhere and even though it can be hurtful remember that maybe what is wrong is not your application or your blog, but the place where you send it.

Please let me know in the comment what you feel is the best way to go when apply for blogging :)

**in the picture : 

*LpD* – *Carol* Dress Blue / Saviad esclusive by Nevery Lorakeet
Alienbear Precious Queen Earrings by Alienbear Gupte


4 thoughts on “How to apply successfully as SL Blogger in 5 steps

  1. Great post! These are things I wonder about as a blogger..

    I try not to let rejection get to me, I know a lot of designers have a very specific idea of what the bloggers for their brand should be like. Sometimes even though I love a store, I realize that I may not fit within those lines. And that is fine! I will continue to stay true to my style and the right stores will come along. :D

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