Social fever!

I don’t know what it exaclty was before, but I was definetly around when in 2004 it became Web 2.0 with all the social networks fighting for subscriptions and followers. By now the situation is a little bit “crowded” and it seems like there is a social network for every taste.
SL residents are for the great part dreamers and specially lately awesome 3D content creators, spacing from mesh to visual supports created through high end software as photoshop, they represent one part of the web population that enjoy the freedom of not being tied to their real careers or faces or names to produce visual and 3D content.
Lately for many reasons SL residents are having an hard time on facebook, lets start over and say that for istance they shouldn’t be there, they fall in that category of users that use the social with a fake name, so for facebook they are nothing better than someone that use a fake name to catfish other facebook users.
The only difference is that the SL resident has nothing to hide and doesn’t put in action any strategy to hide themselves cause the use they do of the social itself is very transparent and focused in sharing visual and 3D content.
We could start being polemic, make flames about this…but is it helpful?  Nah.

So going back at the start of this post, I said that the web is crowded of social networks and you can basically choose the one you like more and fit better your needs.
Assuming that as SL resident one of your needs is to have a place where it is easy to interact with other users when you are not logged in and being able to share easily your contents, from your personal blog to filckr, to your favorite youtube channel, I found an alternative that looks more than worthy and it is .

Using it is easy and it is a simple feed aggregator that can put together all the flow of your social presence and it allow your followers that has an account on it to follow your full feed from all the social you want to share.

If you want to read more about friendfeed, here there is its wikipedia page and you will notice that it belongs to facebook family and how it is nicely featured to interact with it, so you can share your contents even with who between your SL contacts doens’t have FB profile anymore.

But you can have fun sharing basically everything, from twitter to plurk, to youtube and flickr.

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One thought on “Social fever!

  1. Hi, so I checked out Friendfeed and signed up for it out of curiosity. At first I was concerned it would have the same policies/rules about fake accounts like Facebook. But it doesn’t! Which is awesome and already a big plus if you compare it to Facebook.
    Then, I thought that friendfeed kinda looked like twitter. But then I saw the other features it has.
    Although your concept might be a great idea, you might have some troubles in the beginning. Because not only would you have to promote Lybra, but also friendfeed for it to be a success.
    Because there will always be people who rather stick with facebook, twitter and/or flickr than to sign up for yet another social network website.
    But knowing that people tend to follow others, I think that if you get your Lybra bloggers and people on facebook and just people inworld to talk about it like it’s the next big thing… You will certainly get some followers and it will slowly grow.
    So if you try this out, don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t work out at first. Because with every “new” social network website, it just takes time.
    And it doesn’t hurt to try to see how it goes..

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