Everybody hates me : a semi serious social networking guide

If I was given a cent for everytime that I heard people complaining about their social network presence, I would definetly be rich…but like…RICH and for real.
For somebody it seems hard getting noticed, receiving favs or likes or whatever is the appreciation label of your favorite social network, so what happen next is the upload of an incredible flow of pictures, status, news and so on, with an esponential increasing of frustration if this doesn’t work…After this, I saw the strongest personalities feeling helpless in rivers of tears at the scream “Everybody hates me” with a consequential flow of words of hate and delusional status updates on said socials.
….So which is the solution if it exist one?


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First of all take off that ugly look from your face, a suspicious look brings wrinkles and a lot of other sad thoughts about that, if you think that everybody hates you just think that it is statistically impossible and this is a fact :)

Probably, you are just not using your social channels at their full potential and these are a couple of things that I experienced myself through the years :
the very first thing that should be taken in consideration is that social networks exist for sharing and you are not the only person out there sharing projects, ideas and your life, everybody in your friends list is there doing the same and …. this seems obvious but it is often the biggest mistake, if you are too much focused on your stuff you are losing the sense of social networking, people in your friends list are individuals like you, if you have them only to count a big number, the result will be soon that you will be just a number too.
Someone said that “sharing is caring” and it is like that for real, if you start to care about what your contacts share with you, they will naturally start to care about you and your stuff, this is what happen with friends and friends are not numbers on a list.
Second (and last), pay attention at what you post, sharing your thoughts and your pictures is awesome but 10 every 2 minutes maybe could cause an overflow that is difficult to follow.

Lately I’ve joined Avatar Social Network and I have to say that I found it really interesting and educative about social presence at the same time, interacting in a positive way with the other people in the social is awarded and it is really helpful to understand the dynamics of social networking interactions :)

To close this akward post about social networks I hope that this reading took off some social network anxiety from your shoulders :)

And you, what’s your experience about Social Netwoks?



7 thoughts on “Everybody hates me : a semi serious social networking guide

  1. Awesome post! I know of one person in particular who consistently gripes that they don’t get enough views on their posts, but they have never liked or commented on my posts… and I think that means maybe they don’t on others’ either… you need to give love to get love. Unless you’re subscribed to lots of feeds! j/k, j/k ;) ♥

    • thank you Miele :) I know more than one person that do that, but I do think it is something that happen whitout really putting a bad intention on it, sometimes we are so taken away about our stuff that we forget that everybody is just like us :) anyway my feed is huge and my saturday mornings are specifically dedicated to that with a huge cup of coffee :D

      • Oh I know people don’t do it intentionally! and I have to remind myself to make the rounds too, people’s posts don’t always show up right in front of you hehe… But I’m always rewarded when I remember to look – there’s some brilliant amazing stylists out there, and whether or not they reciprocate, I’m just missing out if I don’t look ;)

  2. Great post, Natzdoodle! Sometimes we tend to forget to hit a “like’ here and there but that small detail can mean so much and make a difference to someone. Life is what happens when you are trying to do something else lol…Love you girl!!

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