Taking off the dust.

Everybody is seeing how in these past days the temperature about the problem of real names policy on facebook is becoming pressuring on a massive scale, with a war of petitions, reports and public statements from all the parties involved.

Several users would want to use a “stage name” and being able to share their activities while keeping the level of privacy of their choice, while on the other side, the real name is something that is considered important to keep the safety of the network.

Honestly for how much I cannot agree about the idea of giving a real name complete of governement id to a social network in order to use it, I cannot deny that in their house they have right to put down their rules and this is something that is known by everyone that decides to join facebook for the advertisment and sharing power that a community estimated in over 600 millions users has.

So said this after my profile was reported again, I decide to have it back and deactivate it.
I will  use only my page as suggested by fb guidelines and only to share my content from my other sites whitout creating it in FB….why?

Because the use I do with facebook is sharing my pictures and that is something that flickr helps me to do with several precious copyright options without bothering if Natzuka is a trade mark or a person.

It looks like on these kind of matters, adult people comes down to the idea that as long as they are not seen, everything is permitted, this is a principle that doesn’t belong to me and I personally don’t wanna join back a community that for the greatest part is populated by people that when has the chance to auto-regulates themselves, they use it only for deliberately harms others.

To the people that kept reporting me what can I say? This post is the living proof that you succeed and I hope that your social garden, now that you kicked me out, is looking better.

I perfectly know that this is so 2005 and unpopular but I will we back in using my blog to share my personal opinions and content and if you’d like to follow , you’ll find me only here.



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