Lybra Exhibit at SLB11

Second Life celebrates in these days the 11th Birthday with its official event, this year is special to me cause I got the chance together with Lybra to have a space to create an exhibit :)

Being owners of a brand it came natural choosing to talk about fashion and when we started to organize the space we realized that what makes us so entusiastic about sl fashion is … PEOPLE, our friends, the artists and the creatives that support us personally and support the brand.

~ The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude. Friedrich Nietzsche ~

And this was the concept that moved us developing our space and the reason why we shared it with the authors of the artworks that you will see at our little expo. Every artist present at Lybra Exhibit has a special meaning for us, some of them are bloggers, some models, some others are incredibly photographers and some others are magazine owners that bring to the community their own personal vision about fashion.

All of them are great artists in their fields, creative minds that feed the community with the beauty of their creations, people that everyday transform raw pixels in pure diamonds and this is why the sim environment is a garden made of gems :)

I would like to write more about them but I will close the post saying THANK YOU and I invite you to visit us at our installation and discover what they wanted to share with all of you through their artworks and words :)

exhibit_001 exhibit_003 exhibit_004


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