Many times I’ve been talking with ladies and gents that would like to be print models and be in adverts but they get discouraged about the whole thing about being a SL model: the size is something that matters when we talk about sl runway models and in my 3 years almost 4 of sl I met many people that doesn’t like the idea of a giant avatar with long legs and big shoulders and it is totally understandable, cause one of the beautiful things of a virtual world is that we are free to shape our bodies the way we like them, which is not always the way we are told to.

When I was a teacher I tried many times to introduce the idea that we are in a virtual world and if in the real one exist many different kind of models I don’t see any valid reason to not make it happen in sl as well, everytime I open my flickr or blog feed I see beautiful faces that will never show up at castings cause they’re not “regular models”.

In my opinion an eye for good taste is something that goes beyond the digits of an avatar and this is why at Lybra we’re starting this new print experience with regular models as well as people that really are never been interested in runway but just like the idea to pose all pretty for vendors and adv pictures… If you think  you can deal with me as photographer…well this is the opportunity for you :)

~ We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released. Jean Houston~

**If you would like to know more about it, join Lybra’s iw group and check the notices or ask informations to Jamee Sandalwood.


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