In these past weeks I’ve been working on something I never tried before in SL but I always wanted to …hair!
I cannot really express how much relaxing it is to put on some music and build messing around with prims, creating stuff and texture them, I know many of you will laugh at this but to me it is really a new experience and I like the idea that after almost 4 years of sl there is still something that makes me entusiastic about it :D

For several reasons, that I spare you cause they are boring, lately I cannot model much cause it is difficult for me to commit to a precise day and time, but I enjoy sl fashion and finding this new thing it is awesome to me and it gives me back all the creativity that I thought I was losing on the way :)

Here there is a picture of one of my creation and yes it is for sale and stuff at salimar, but as soon as the husband put the roof on the second floor of the mainstore, you will able to find it at Lybra’s too…so yes I am starting a new adventure with the old Nat that in the meantime dyed her hair white and is ready to be a retired model ;)

In the picture you can see the beautiful Astralia wearing Forren Hair :)



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