No matter how much pictures you have done and how many posts you already done, when you start over on a new blog there is always that feeling of starting something new that at the begin of a new year is quite refreshing :)
For once I will try to keep all my posts in order, categorizing all of them in a simple manner (oh yeah that’s a new year resolution, lets see how much it will last :P).

So here the look and the picture of the very first post in my blogging category, I hope you enjoy :)

Pure Poison - Baroque Romance - Earrings - GACHA

h.m.a.e.m. – my shades – black
Vanity Hair:Mimmi HP-Soil
Elysium – Valentine lips – F1
Pure Poison – Philodendron Mania Earrings



** The Black dress in the featured picture is h.m.a.e.m. – vipera dress black
**floorplan. throne chair PG / pattern



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