Everybody hates me : a semi serious social networking guide

If I was given a cent for everytime that I heard people complaining about their social network presence, I would definetly be rich…but like…RICH and for real.
For somebody it seems hard getting noticed, receiving favs or likes or whatever is the appreciation label of your favorite social network, so what happen next is the upload of an incredible flow of pictures, status, news and so on, with an esponential increasing of frustration if this doesn’t work…After this, I saw the strongest personalities feeling helpless in rivers of tears at the scream “Everybody hates me” with a consequential flow of words of hate and delusional status updates on said socials.
….So which is the solution if it exist one?
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To my Face Models and Lybra Models :)

In these last months speaking of releases I’ve been quiet and I have to thank all Lybra’s Face model and models to sitting there next to me and patiently waiting :)
To excuse myself for the silence, I have to say that some RL came in and I also used the time I had avalaible to focus into creating original mesh and being able to give you better items to showcase and enjoy :)
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